When You Have Lost Your Groove

what to do when you have lost your groove

If you were to believe in everything you read on social media you would think that everyone is either in love, travelling the world, finding their spiritual compass, having fun times with girlfriends (who all happen to be stunning) or ‘all of the above’.

I hope to inspire people to feel great about their body and their life so they can Find Their Groove – that place of living in flow with life, feeling healthy, confident and with a sense of connection with their inner and outer peace.

While I am In My Groove more often than not these days, I still have days where it is just all too hard and I struggle to feel gratitude much less see the sunshine in my life. And you know what? That is okay. That is life. It has its ups and downs and some personality types struggle more often than others. I am a recovering neurotic, so some days I don’t match my Happy Healthy Groovy business name at all.

So here are a few tips I find useful when you have Lost Your Groove.

1. Allow – Fighting the blues with feel-good mantras and frantic, forced gaiety is fake and frankly exhausting. Allow the feelings you are having and honour your body and mind by resting and if you feel the need, withdrawing from the world that is overwhelming at that time. Not for too long but maybe for a day where you don’t have to pretend to be happy and cheerful so you can allow your energies to be recharged.

2. Get outside – Sun, fresh air and nature are wonderful healers. Go for a walk or just simply find some space in a park to sit and breath in nature. Listen to the sounds, smell the scents and feel the warmth of the sun.

3. Write – Stop the spinning negative thoughts getting stuck in your head by getting them out on paper. Journal, scribble, write random notes, whatever style works for you, just write it down. The physical transference of thoughts to paper allows a cleansing and lightening of the mind.

4. Ditch the alcohol – Alcohol is a depressant and will further exacerbate your blues and depress your nervous system – especially if you imbibe in solitude.

5. Eat chocolate – Hurray! No booze but you can have chocolate, which has been shown to activate our neurotransmitters that make us happy. Obviously dark chocolate is healthier but in my opinion the best mood boosting chocolate is whichever is your favourite. Enjoy and savour.

6. Don’t buy anything! – Is it just me or do you like to shop as a mood enhancer or maybe is it just a distraction. If you are home alone don’t get sucked into online shopping while you are blue. You will spend too much and/or buy stuff you don’t even like.

7. Finally stay off Facebook – All those happy posts of people who are living the dream will just make you feel worse.

You will Find Your Groove again.


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