What is with the Wrinkly Knees?

In recent blogs I have talked a lot about change and more specifically the pain that can be associated with change.

One change that can’t be avoided is ageing. We all get older whether we like it or not and there are a number of realizations that hit a 40-something woman smack in the face.

Superficial things like not receiving looks from men when you walk down the street. A sense of being invisible to males is a general feeling I hear described by many women, myself included. That soft droopy bit of skin that lays across your eyelid, smudging your eye liner into your socket.

And what the hell is going on with the wrinkly knees?

Or more soulful changes like realizing your are not living the life you imagined, you ache for more purpose in your life, or your can’t stand the person you have become, or even the person that is lying next to you in bed. The things that used to make you happy seem meaningless now and there is a yearning for more purpose, more meaning, more passion.

Sure the big-M is an undeniable side-kick of ageing but the surprising thing for many women is the gradual, sneaky little physical and emotional transformations that happen after you hit 40. Apparently there is a name for the years that precede menopause – perimenopause.

I think the changes we experience shock us even more now than it did our mothers. We are blessed (or cursed) with living in the age of celebrity and cosmetic surgery that sets a very high bar for ageing. Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer. Now surely that is what ageing is all about – bring it on!

Ah, not so much it seems. Even way before menopause hits, perimenopause brings a shower of lovely gifts that I didn’t know about. Hormones start to get a little unpredictable which apparently according to Doctor is due to my eggs being old and tired. What the hell!

Tired eggs, just kicking back and sliding out of my ovaries with a fizzle rather than with a pizazzy pop of progesterone like more youthful zesty eggs do.

This hormonal misfiring cause a range of niggle symptoms that while not life threatening are certainly party poopers. Body temperature fluctuations, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, irrational thoughts, fatigue, loss of mojo/libido, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating to name a few common symptoms.

The problem I see is that women can go down two opposing paths at this time: 1. They suffer in silence while their career, relationship and joy for life falls apart or 2. They are made to feel like they have a medical problem that needs to be fixed through prescription drugs.

Now sometimes drugs are good and this is your choice and you should get additional medical advice in addition to my ramblings.

However, I see the basic premise that perimenopause/menopause are medical disorders that need to be fixed as fundamentally wrong.

This is a challenging physical, emotional, psychological transformation that needs to be openly discussed and supported through holistic options and information that are made available to women.

There are some amazing medical doctors such as Drs Christine Northrup and Sara Gottfried who are speaking out about hormones and women’s health from a functional medicine perspective. A perspective looks holistically at the body rather than focusing on treating individual symptoms. A perspective that combines eastern and western wisdom to support women to achieve health and vitality in a positive way rather than as if they are broken.

There are nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle changes that do make a difference. Not to mention psycho/spiritual issues that arise during these years.

This is an area of health that I am passionate about and interested to share more information with you.

What is your biggest challenge you are experiencing, as you get a little older?

Stay groovy


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