What Do You Know?

For 1000s of years traditional medicines worked on the premise that mind-emotions-health were all connected. That you personality, your nature, your mental health, your nutrition all created the symptoms of disease or health.

Modern medicine thought it was at best fanciful, and at worst a scam. Now science has undertaken research that shows evidence of the efficacy and validity of these ancient beliefs.

We now ‘know’ stress, worry and heartbreak impact on health

We now ‘know’ the gut has a role in mental health

We now ‘know’ that for some people certain foods create inflammation and a negative immune response

We now ‘know’ the mind directly impacts on physical health (look at the effect of placebos)

For a long time experts thought mediation was just for hippies. Now we know meditation creates measurable physiological and mental benefits. Corporations such as Google, IBM and SAP are implementing organisation-wide mindfulness and meditation programs.

Most of us feel that if we stand tall, chin up and with an open stance we will be more confident. Now the work of Amy Cuddy and others has proven this and we know that ‘power posing’ creates more confidence.

What I am getting at is that you know much, much more than you realise. You know what makes you healthy/confident/happy/stronger. We have just gotten into the habit of waiting for an expert to tell us what works.

We have lost our own self-awareness, that internal knowing of who we are, what we are good at and what we need to improve on. We have lost awareness of what we value, what we enjoy and what we truly desire. So rather than listening to our own wisdom we look for the advice of others. We wait for experts to tell us what works and what doesn’t.

Stop waiting for an expert to tell you what decision to make.

Instead get to know yourself

Ask yourself what you want.

Discover what you are really good at.

Understand what you suck at.

Own your uniqueness

Do you not realise what you could aspire to be?

Do you aspire to be something that you may not be?

Be honest with who you are and then trust what you tell yourself.

Self-awareness is not for the faint of heart.

Self-awareness can be confronting

Self-awareness will set you on the path to your own greatness

What do you know?


Kim works with organisations to assist their people develop a self leadership mindset for improved focus, better performance, higher engagement and resilience.



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