What are you willing to let go of, to have what you truly desire?

What are you willing to let go of, so you can have what you really desire?

There is a myth that has been created by the cult of manifestation that implies you can attract anything you desire into your life by maintaining a strong and positive belief that it is yours; that you deserve it. That all you have to do is believe, truly believe that it is yours if you allow it to be.

Now I do believe that like attracts like, and that which we focus our attention on is what we create. Filling your mind with negative self talk such as ‘I have no willpower’ “I’ll never lose the weight” or ‘ I am hopeless’ will indeed support the energetic circumstances that create the exact behaviour or outcomes that you don’t want.My Core Desired Feeling Sept 14

Affirmations and vision boards can be useful and tangible tools to help solidify your dreams and I don’t disregard them totally – I have one. But don’t create a vision board that is a wish list of socially sanctioned manifestations of success. A big house, an expensive car, island cruise, two children etc.

Not that there is anything wrong with these things. But are these your true desires? Will they bring you happiness and joy? Maybe they will but don’t confuse what you wish for and what you desire. Your desires will fuel your passion. Your desires are the lifeblood of your purpose.

So before creating a vision board spend some time exploring what it is you desire in life. Sometimes having your desires fulfilled may mean you need to let go of what you wish for. For example you may truly desire freedom and spaciousness in order for you to fulfill your creative potential. Wishing for and chasing ownership of a large expensive house may actually impede your pursuit of creative freedom.

Ask yourself first how do you want to feel in life? What experiences bring joy? What is it your heart yearns for even though it makes no logical sense?

Then, and only then create your vision board; with visions that support your true desires.


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