We All Need To Belong

Social media and the internet has facilitate our connection with people to a level never experienced previously.

Individuals can be ‘connected’ to 1000s of people that they will never actually meet yet the experience of loneliness and isolation is greater than ever before. Sitting ‘talking’ on Facebook or sharing photos on Instagram creates an impression of being part of a group. Hours are spent in this fake community. I’m not criticising the wonderful ability to share and learn that can come from this amazing abundance of information, but there is a difference between information and sharing the human experience.

As humans we yearn to belong, it is an innate biological need. If we don’t belong to the tribe, we die. We need the warmth, protection and safety of the tribe. We are at our simplest, pack animals.
My fear is that we are confusing connection with belonging. Belonging means we know we are loved and cared for. Belonging means we can trust that someone has our back. We know our existence matters and others matter to us.

Create connections but remember to build belonging also.


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