The Key to Persistence

I am a persistent little woodpecker. I have always been persistent and committed to achieving whatever hare-brained idea that I have come up with. That doesn’t mean I don’t get sidetracked and run after bright shiny things – I do. It doesn’t mean I always fully complete a particular project – I don’t. As well as being persistent I am naturally curious and easily distracted by the opportunity to create new things and birth new desires.

As I reflect on times that I have exhibited dogged determination and refusal to give up and I compare those experiences to the myriad of half-assed schemes that I have charged into and flippantly tossed to the scrap heap because I became bored or because it all was too hard, I wonder what made a difference between those dalliances and the projects that I stuck at no matter what.


The difference was having an inner knowing that this goal was necessary, important and unthinkable not to achieve. I persisted when my gut wouldn’t let me give up, when I sensed the deeper importance of what I was doing. I persisted at things I enjoyed and gained a sense of purpose from. I persisted when the alternative was simply not an option.

If something isn’t important to your soul and isn’t enjoyable you are unlikely to keep going when things get tough. Achieving health and weight goals similarly must be important to you at a deep level, not just in order to fit in the size 8 jeans you used to wear, but important to your sense of who you are.

If the inner you is bubbly, outgoing and loves socializing with others, then it is important for your outer shell to reflect the inner you. Being trapped in a body that inhibits your sparkle is heavy – physically and spiritually.

Chasing weight loss goals through quick fix solutions doesn’t lead to inner change that is sustainable because it is a goal that doesn’t connect with your soul.

Being healthy should also be enjoyable, energising and positive. Weight loss that is driven by punishment and restriction is unlikely to engender persistence.

Weight loss that is driven by doing activities that you enjoy and make you feel alive are much more likely to be sustained and to become a lifestyle rather than an exercise program.

Achieving your health goals is not achieved through sheer force of your willpower but rather thorough persistent and consistent effort to be the best you can be, to feel energised and vital and to have fun getting there.

Having this persistence is not that difficult when you are focused on the right goals for the right reasons that lift you up, not weigh you down.

Stay groovy


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