Tea parties, healthy choices and transformation

Do you ever feel like there is a tea party in your head?

Discussing, analysing, debating and arguing different points of view on whatever the topic is you are thinking about. Then telling you what the right opinion is.

I do.

Does this rabble of voice wake you up at 2am demanding that you listen? Mine do?

No I am not delusional or crazy (not technically at least) but I have always struggled to control the tea parties that go on in my head, tried to quiet the incessant analysis of every situation, and inevitably negative opinion of my choices, my eating, or my body.

Why am I like this I wonder? Is it because I am a Gemini and can easily see multiple sides to any situation? Is it because I have a Vata Dosha driven by air and movement that needs to be more grounded? Is it because of my upbringing?

I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter why, what does matter is being aware of my strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. Being connected to my body and spirit so that I can feel what my needs and desires truly are, accepting certain undeniable truths and then taking action to provide an optimal internal and external environment for peace, purpose and passion. This includes making positive choices around health, food and being kind to my body.

Over the next three months I am going to spend some time discussing topics that I think are important in the quest for living a life that embodies health, peace, purpose and passion.

I don’t claim to have it all sorted, and some days I have it more sorted than others. So I would love to hear your ideas and comments as we travel along the next few months.

During July the discussion will be around creating awareness through reflecting on your strengths, your growth points (sounds nicer than weakness doesn’t it), your purpose and what authenticity means to you.

During August the focus will be on acceptance of the discomfort that can arise during a growth or transformation time in your life, including when you are moving into a different phase of health awareness. Accepting the perceived barriers, accepting that neither you or nor your life are perfect, knowing that growth demands that you step out of your comfort zone and that there might be some short term pain.

September will see the discussion shift from internal work to taking action through changes to nutrition, activity, spiritual practice and desire mapping.

So I hope you join me for weekly posts on Facebook and my blog and I might even give videos a go.

Stay Groovy




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