Stopping the self sabotage

Despite the striving, exercising and dieting that you push yourself through could it be that you have the handbrake on when it comes to weight loss?

Consciously you desire to lose weight or achieve your specific health goal or other life goal – maybe you desire to meet the perfect guy, apply for the best job or move to you ideal location.

You have been told that they key to achieving goals is to state them very clearly, and so you do and you start taking action to achieve that goal. Maybe you join a gym, start bringing salad to work for lunch or pay for a health coach like me. On the surface you are being action oriented and doing the right thing

So when these goals don’t materialize you are justified is complaining, blaming and giving up; after all you are taking action, aren’t you? So you are understandably frustrated, angry and even tearful.

Why are you not achieving outcomes when you are taking action?

An internal slow down switch that you don’t even realise is operating in your mind could be the culprit.

The switch is a deep unconscious belief that you don’t deserve to be slim, loved or successful. This switch can be an unconscious fear of what life would be like if you truly achieve what you want.

If you are blaming your weight for not finding the right man, or not getting the great job or whatever your goals are; what will you have left to blame if you lose the weight and your goals still don’t realise?

So you put the handbrake on….and despite that outward appearance of action you continually self sabotage and hence never lose weight.

The first step to clearing this self sabotage is to get clear on your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it too have more confidence; is it to feel fitter, or may to feel sexy. Really dig into the ‘feeling’ that you are chasing, imaging how empowered or confident or even how much calmer you might feel if you shed those extra kilos.

Maybe your weight is literally and figuratively weighing your down and it is a feeling of lightness that you are chasing. A feeling of not carrying excess baggage.

The second step to clear self sabotage is to bring those feelings or experiences into your life now. Do not put of feeling confident until you are a certain weight. You can choose confidence right now.

Don’t put off buying those bright fashionable clothes until you are a size 10…buy them now.

Determine how you can feel beautiful now at the size you are right now. Maybe a new haircut, new makeup or simply beginning each day with a mantra as you look in the mirror – “ I am a beautiful, sexy, intelligent women and today I step into my power”.

Once you start embodying your desired feelings now, even just a little, this creates an internal shift that then starts to flow from the subconscious to the conscious. Your ability to make choices that align with your goals becomes easier and natural, rather than a constant battle that inevitably leaves you exactly where you are now.

How can you start feeling your desired state today? What action are you going to take to feel and embody your goals today?


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