Stop Overcomplicating

I am guessing I am not alone in having a wonderful ability to overcomplicating most things.

Whether it be relationships, money, career choices, life choice or just deciding what to wear in the morning you will ignore the path of least resistance and head straight for Stressville.

I think we do this because.

  1. We love complexity because there is an inbuilt belief that simple is stupid and complexity signifies intelligence.
  2. We love drama as is demonstrates just how important we are in the scheme of things.
  3. We don’t trust our intuition which often provides a very simple answer to the question.
  4. We think that if a little of something is good then more must be better. As our recent holiday indulgences clearly show (or maybe that was just me and bubbly?)
  5. There is simply so much information available to us these days that we are overwhelmed by choice
  6. The system is designed to make you feel not good enough and that you must do more, try harder, follow the guidance of others who are supposedly more highly evolved that you or you will fail.

I wrote a short article just before Christmas that questioned the complexity of leadership development, which was a little risky given that I am in the field. You can read the article HERE.

In a nutshell I was feeling overwhelmed with the huge array of leadership advice, programs, books and ‘new’ research available and I was thinking how much pressure there is too get it right and to keep up with the next ‘new’ thing.

You need to follow Expert X. You must change your style. You must use the latest buzz words. Your LinkedIn profile must look like Y. Your profile photo much convey the perfect balance of professional yet approachable. You must be more XYZ if want to be successful/make money/lose weight or change any other deficiency that you might have.

Combine this with our fear of missing out and you have the perfect storm for anxiety and overwhelm and for wasting an awful lot of energy searching for the perfect thing to improve ourselves.

Stop overcomplicating!

Know that improving yourself is not about changing a flawed you, it is about becoming clear on who you are and polishing the rough bits so you can shine.

It is from this premise that I have created my Confident Communicaiton & Powerful Presence training. It is not about teaching skills that are not you. It is first and foremost about understanding yourself, developing a confidence mindset that gives you the foundation to communicate authentically.

You don’t have to be the most extroverted, overtly powerful person in the room to have influence.

You need to be comfortable in your own skin. From there we will experiment with tips and techniques that allow you to exude your personal style with authority.

“Building your personal confident communication style is not about changing who you are. It is about revealing your authentic presence”.

If you or your team would like to join me on 3rd February in Cairns for a half-day workshop then secure your early bird ticket HERE.

2017 is going to be a great year.!


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