Nourishment is more than nutrition

Inevitably the first question that I get asked by a new client who has arrived in my office seeking help with weight loss is…”What should I eat?”becoming-happy-healthy-groovy

Inevitably I answer with some vague comment about ‘we will get to that’ followed by questions about their life, work, relationships, family, and emotional/physical/medical history.

Yes, I do believe that eating a healthy, whole-food based diet is important. I do believe that daily movement is important. But I believe even more firmly that it is not just about the food. In fact, it is also not about your willpower, self-control, intelligence or motivation.

Most of the women I know have a fairly good understanding about nutrition (p.s. you don’t need a degree in nutrition or a diet that has nuanced understanding of micro nutrients and physiology). The only people that need a highly complex, professionally developed diet plan are professional athletes or those who have serious medical conditions that demand strict attention to diet.

There are two key factors that I believe have much more to do with your weight, vitality and general wellbeing than diet.
The first is stress. If you are chronically stressed it will not matter how clean your diet is you will probably still be holding onto weight and you will feel chronically fatigued, irritable and unable to feel true joy.

Second, if you feed your mind and body a constant diet of self hate and have a negative internal commentary running about your body or your abilities you will in all likelihood be struggling with weight, disordered eating or other emotional or physical illnesses.

Becoming a healthy, vibrant, confident and sexy woman requires more than nutrition. It requires nourishment.

Nourishment of your body (nutrition and exercise); mind (mindfulness, self-acceptance, self-value, openness and attitude); and soul (a connection with something more powerful than yourself).

So yes I do want to look at your diet at some point. The thing is; when you have the other stuff in better order you will naturally choose foods that are nourishing as well and nutritious, not out of fear of not being good enough but out of care for who you are.


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