Not drowning just spinning

Are you one of those people that covers indecisiveness, procrastination, or fear of failure through embarking on a wild flurry of activity?     I am.

Are you being incredibly busy, jumping from task to task, generating new ideas in a flurry of energy – but not really getting anywhere?   I am.

Busy does not mean achieving. I am sure we have all worked with that person who constantly runs around proclaiming how busy (read, how important) they are but everyone knows they don’t really achieve anything.

Well that is how I am feeling right now. After a couple of busy and productive months creating and developing my business concept I am now at the point where the rubber hits the road. Securing office space, advertising , selling myself etc.  But in an effort to avoid what is really the crunch of commiting my time to office hours, signing a lease, risking the chance of rejection, I have now started busying myself with a host of random tasks and signing up for courses including a seven day juice fast (what the ?) and am amassing more information than I know what to do with.

Deep breath

Is this a pattern I am repeating? Yes. As soon as things get too hard, too overwhelming, too risky, I do the unthinkable and take more on in order to avoid what I don’t want to face. But those times when I have been truly passionate and focused on a clear goal….wow I have achieved!

So the way forward is really about making sure I have clear articulated goals, planning the detail on how to achieve these goals and most, most importantly – taking action.

This I believe is also a fundamental process for achieving weightloss. Fear of failure and procrastination lead to indecision and lack of action. Intellectually you want to lose weight, you have a general understanding of what you need to do, you have paid money for gym membership, new training gear etc but never move from the planning phase to the action phase.

This is where goal setting and action planning become important. It is also where having a coach (a friend or a professional) who challenges your negative thinking, who challenges your excuses, who helps you identify strategies to overcome hurdles, who holds you accountable, can make a big difference between thinking and doing.

I did a goal setting activity last night and already I feel like I am getting back on track and moving forward – not spinning in circles.

I will talk more about the goal setting process next time.

Stay groovy
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