Making Magic Happen: Trust and Action

Magic happens when you are in a flow state; when your mind, body and spirit are aligned and you feel connected with a power and energy that is greater than you. I call this feeling…Being in Your Groove. That place of optimal peace and vitality where anything is possible. 

When you are in Your Groove little sparkles of magic happen. That chance meeting with someone who can open doors for you business, the day where every meeting runs to time, the massage therapist who usually has a wait list has a cancellation two minutes before your call, the taxi arrives just as you step out your door, the plane departs right on time and life is running pretty damn good. 

Often these little sparkles of magic go unwitnessed as you rush through your busy life. Often this magic is taken for granted or considered merely good luck or coincidence. And when you are not in Your Groove, not in a state of flow, the magic seems to disappear and it is a struggle to see any sparkles at all. 

When magic disappears you become more constricted, frustrated, depressed and even angry at the world for your bad luck. It is easy from this place of constriction to get stuck  in the ‘Wo is me’ cycle in which negative feelings further block the flow of positive energy and chances of little magical moments, are few and far between. 

A conscious decision to break the cycle is required and I believe there are two essential elements required to Finding Your Groove: Trust and Action.

First you need to unwind that constricted state that seeks to control the situation in the mistaken belief that the more control you have, the better the outcome. Control is the opposite of trust in materialising magic. Control blocks energy while trust releases energy. Trust requires a belief that everything has a reason or a lesson. Trust requires believing that you are part of a larger whole, a larger purpose. Some ways you can start stepping into that place of trust and connection with universal flow are:

1. Spend time in nature: This is so essential, particularly for us city dwellers. Connection with nature reminds us of our small but important place within this wonderful world. Nature makes you smile, it makes you breath more deeply, and you cannot help but feel uplifted by the warmth of the sun, the smell of the trees and sound of birds or ocean waves. Nature grounds us back into our bodies and most of us spend a lot of time in your heads. 

2. Meditation and breathing exercises: This don’t have to be long sessions of silence. Start slowly with just 5 minutes of sitting quietly at about the same time each day. Find a guided meditation audio download if you find that helps keep you focused. 

3. Gratitude journal: Make a habit of everyday (I do it in at night just before turning the lights out) of writing a list of everything you are grateful for, from the smallest thing (that you have clean sheets to crawl into tonight) to love, to the weather, to work success, to your health…anything and everything. Gratitude has been shown to correlate to happiness and gratitude is a habit that anyone can start. 

The second element for magical moments is taking action. Now you may be thinking this is the opposite to trust and letting go to what is. By action I mean that from a place of trust you step into doing the things that support your goals. Just like a single woman who complains she can’t meet any good men but who sits at home watching the TV every night, magic is not going to happen if you don’t step out your front door and take action. 

Sure it is sometimes necessary to just float for awhile to rejuvenate but at some point you have to decide to swim to where you want to be or you will continue to float to wherever the river takes you. Some tips to taking action:

1. Learn to distinguish between fear that is a sense of dread (don’t do it) and fear that is excitement without the breath (feel the fear and do it anyway). This is where meditation and grounding through nature can help to quiet the mind and connect with how you really feel. Change or achievements don’t happen in your comfort zone, take a risk!

2. Give yourself permission to stuff up. Perfectionism is a huge barrier to taking action (I know because this is my tendency). You don’t need to take perfect action, just small, consistent, imperfect action is all that is required for magic to happen. 

It is a balance of trusting (letting go of control) and taking action that creates opportunities for magic to happen. 

Stay Groovy


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