Goals with Soul

Make goals, write them down, make them measurable, strive, achieve, you win….aaargghh

It seems that at this time of year we all start thinking where we want to be by the end of this year. Regretfully aware that many of last year’s goals have not been achieved and feeling a mild sense of panic as we admit that really many of the goals you have had for the past five years have not come to fruition. Failure, hopeless, etc ring in your ears as you reach for your notebook to make a better list this year.

But what if the real problem wasn’t with you and your lack of commitment. What if the problem was that the goals you were making didn’t really make your soul sing in the first place?

Maybe you are inadvertently regurgitating goals that you have absorbed through osmosis from society, your friends or your family. What if you goal of a promotion into a management position simply made your soul cringe with the tedium of bureaucracy when really you would be quite happy with your current level and finishing at 5pm so you can taken latin dancing classes three days a week and volunteer at the animal shelter on the weekend.

What if the much anticipated wedding to your fiancĂ© of 5 years was being stalled not because of you poor planning skills and lack of time but because a little voice in your head is whispering ‘don’t do it’.

What if you failure to lose 15kgs is not your lack of willpower but because deep down you really don’t want to change you body just because society/your husband/your mother tells you to.

When your goals don’t arise from your inner authentic desires they are destined to failure. Owning and gaining clarity on how you want to feel is the first and most important step to setting a course that has every prospect of success.

How do you want to feel? Free, abundant, confident, appreciated, stimulated, sexy, creative, bold, peaceful, sparkly?

What would make you feel those things? There lays your goals. That will be a goal that you will take action to achieve of it is aligned with the song in your soul.

Stay groovy



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