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Driving Organisation Culture and Change, One Person at A Time

This workshop is based on the philosophy that organisational culture is built from the behaviour and choices of each individual.

This workshop is developed from the belief that top-down development of a thriving culture cannot be successful without bottom-up leadership. The frontline supervisor, manager and team leader is the lynchpin to building a successful, thriving, high performing police agency.

If you are a Senior Constable, Sergeant or Senior Sergeant that is ready to stop waiting for the organisation to ‘make things better’ and you are ready to become the leader that you have always wanted to have…this is the workshop for you!

Participants will be asked to reflect on:

  • Your role in creating a work environment that is productive, enjoyable and engaging?
  • How can you make a difference at your level (with your team, your senior officers and your organisation)?
  • What am I responsible for?
  • Do I want to build my own personal leadership skills for myself and/or for others?
  • What action am I willing to take to change my results?

FRONTLINE address barriers that you face every day that wear away at enthusiasm and dedication and then provides practical strategies to improve how you think, feel and act when faced with these challenges.

You will learn a very different way of approaching problems, people and your own limitations.

MINDSET – Learn the neuroscience of focus, develop your mindset and manage your habits so you are able to make better choices. Learn to respond rather than react to stressors. Develop the tools of reflective self-awareness and intentionally leverage your strengths. Gain clarity on your goals and development path so you move forward with a plan

INFLUENCE – Learn how to communicate with confidence to achieve personal goals, drive team performance and lead change. Discover the art and science of influence and executive presence to influence colleagues, senior executive and external partners. Make the shift from getting stuck in the details to proactively influencing outcomes at all levels.

ACTION – Learn how to translate knowledge into meaningful action, develop your resilience in the face of uncertainty, learn from failure and be adaptable to changing circumstances.  Take charge of developing your reputation so that you intentionally and consistently look, think, say and act in ways that consolidate your value.

You will leave the workshop with action steps you can implement when you return to the workplace. Most importantly, you will walk away thinking differently about your modus operandi… why you do what you do and how you can change that.  My goal is that you want to reflect on your role in changing the organisation and future steps to make you a better leader.

Duration: Full day

Delivered in-house for up to 25 people. This is the best option to have the session closed to your staff only and to have the content designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs.


Coming in early 2018 to:

Gold Coast



Email or Call 0404 061 767 for more information on how to host a workshop or to register for a workshop

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