Four Foundations to Success, Happiness & World Peace

  1. Know what success looks life for you. Success means different things to different people so really be honest in identifying what is important to you rather than focussing on what you ‘should’ believe is important.
  1. Learn how to manage your mindset. Become self-aware, identify your habitual patterns and check whether they are holding you back or propelling you forwards. Take responsibility for your choices.
  1. Leverage your strengths. What are you really good at and enjoy doing? Do more of that. Excel at your strengths and don’t sweat your weaknesses.
  1. Find your groove. When you sit confidently and comfortably in your own skin you will have a natural resilience to weather life’s ups and downs and you will have a presence that allows you to engage with and lead others in a powerful way.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? We humans love to overcomplicate everything.

While it is simple it doesn’t mean it is easy. Achieving success in whatever form you desire requires a willingness to uncover more about yourself than you might be willing to do.

It requires you to take responsibility for the choices you make, yet with that comes the freedom of knowing that your choices and reactions are within your control.

It requires consistent effort to practice and build upon your strengths and most of all it requires a willingness to let go of that which you can’t control and the grace to be grateful for what you have.


Kim works with organisations to assist their people develop a self leadership mindset for improved focus, better performance, higher engagement and resilience.

“Self Leadership is having the self-awareness to intentionally manage your mindset, feelings and behaviours so you live purposively and lead others with integrity and compassion”.


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