Food is not the enemy

If I was to say ‘Joe’ has a negative unhealthy relationship with food what do imagine Joe is like. Someone who eats junk food. Someone who is overweight. Someone who has no willpower or control over what they eat. Certainly overeating is one type of unhealthy relationship with food, but what about the flipside?

Those who have an over controlling approach to food whereby their weight is strictly monitored, their food intake is strictly controlled and and any deviation is considered a failure. People who take such a restrictive approach to nutrition are no less obsessed with food than the overeater. Every minute can be consumed with thoughts of planning or monitoring food intake and/or punishing oneself for not following the diet plan. From the outside they look like very healthy people as their body weight and food choices seem to be healthy. But on the inside it is just a world of anxiety as the need for constant control and fear of losing control can be emotionally exhausting. Food becomes the enemy!
Learning to connect with intuitive eating and at mindful eating approach to food such as that shared in the Am I Hungry? (R)  mindful eating workshops can help develop a more positive relationship with food through helping the person connect with their body and their thoughts and beliefs about food. Food is not the enemy!
Health coaching is a solutions-focused approach to achieving your health and wellness goals; to achieving an optimal physical and mental state that allows you to live a happy energy-filled life. Health coaching is not just for people who want to lose weight, but can help anyone overcome negative lifestyle patterns, habits or beliefs that at getting in the way of being happy, healthy, and groovy.
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