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Program Evaluation

You can plead ignorance to that which you don’t know, but you cannot control its consequences unless you acknowledge it, understand it and become willing to address it.

Kim Adams brings a pragmatic approach to program/business/policy evaluation and organisational performance improvement analysis developed through her real-world experience in leading research and evaluation for law enforcement and public safety agencies. She provides independent evaluations of programs, policies, team dynamics and day to day business processes so that you can be more informed about what is working for your organisation, what is hindering your success and opportunities for change so that you can make evidence-based decisions that support you, your people and your results.

We ask the right questions and work closely with you to deliver a report that is clear and pragmatic.

Kim can assist with:

  • Evaluation and performance measurement advice
  • Development of evaluation frameworks
  • Targeted assessment of individual projects or programs of work
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement
  • Development of surveys and other data gathering instruments
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Executive presentations and reports

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