Conscious enlightenment: Do you really want it?

So many of us seem to be chasing a deeper connection with ourselves and with something bigger than ourselves. The huge growth in yoga, meditation and other mind/body/spirit classes or books shows that searching for more is on the rise.

One perspective on connecting with self and with spirit suggests it really is about taking the time to be still, to be quiet and re-connect with that which your soul already knows. It is our busy mind driven ego that drowns out the wisdom that we hold deep within.

Our intuitive guidance is not even heard because we are so busy thinking, planning and doing. Sometimes we do hear a whisper but the ego mind is much stronger and louder.

If you do begin, through meditation, to quieten the mind you will start to hear your long-held secret wisdom. But do you really want to hear it?

Staying blissfully unaware of alternative perspectives can be the easier place to be. It can be easier to stay in the pain that you have come to know as a strangely comfortable prison. If you believe you have no choice but to suffer your lot then the startling realisation that conscious enlightenment brings can be very unsettling.

Because you see, when you become more aware you realise there is a choice – and that can be uncomfortable and very scary. Feeling you have no choice justifies your current position. The realisation that you have the power to change your perspective and thus your circumstance is confronting.

The responsibility for your life, and more importantly, your perspective of your life resides within you.

Enlightenment can be a bitch!


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