The Momentum of Our Pathology

I heard a phrase on Dr Phil a few days ago (Yes, watching Dr Phil sometimes is my dirty little secret) that caused me to take note. He used the phase "the momentum of her psychology". While the word 'pathology' might be an intense word to use when reflecting upon your unwanted habits and behaviours, [...]

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Do no harm; especially to yourself

One of the tenants of Vedic philosophy upon which yoga is based is Ahimsa - do no harm, non-violence. I am no Vedic philosophy expert but I have been contemplating how the goal of non-violence is expressed in daily living. How do you live in such a way that you do no harm? Most often [...]

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So what does mindfulness have to do with weight loss?

The practice of mindfulness has moved from a practice reserved for yogis and people seeking spiritual enlightenment to be part of modern psychology as a tool for addressing all types of problems. Even corporations are having their managers trained in mindful leadership (better than mindless leadership I guess). On one hand mindfulness is little more [...]

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Making peace with food and with your body

I was privileged to speak at a lunch and learn session for staff at a large corporation recently on the topic of Soulful Eating: Making peace with your plate and your body. I was asked what the main problem was that people came to see me for. I replied that the primary concern I hear, at [...]

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Stopping the self sabotage

Despite the striving, exercising and dieting that you push yourself through could it be that you have the handbrake on when it comes to weight loss? Consciously you desire to lose weight or achieve your specific health goal or other life goal – maybe you desire to meet the perfect guy, apply for the best [...]

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Embracing your wonderful weaknesses

Last week I was encouraging you to look less critically at your body, to stop finding fault with its individual parts and embrace its beauty. Just like everything in the universe, we do have dark and light, yin and yang, strengths and weaknesses…lets just call them areas for development or ‘change points”. No one is perfect and [...]

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The Key to Persistence

I am a persistent little woodpecker. I have always been persistent and committed to achieving whatever hare-brained idea that I have come up with. That doesn’t mean I don’t get sidetracked and run after bright shiny things – I do. It doesn’t mean I always fully complete a particular project – I don’t. As well [...]

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