Three Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Find Public Speaking Nerve-racking

Everyone gets nervous presenting in front of a group of people. Even seasoned professional speakers feel the raw energy that causes butterflies and sweaty palms. The difference between people who enjoy (or at least are not terrified of) public speaking and those who would rather have root canal than stand on stage, is practice and [...]

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Building Your Leadership Presence

Some people naturally exude a powerful presence when they enter a room. When they speak, whether that is in a meeting, in the boardroom or at a social function, people listen. I remember meeting a Commissioner of one of Australia’s police forces many years ago. He came to visit our work unit and address us [...]

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Do You Know if Your Leadership Development Programs are Working?

Are you evaluating your leadership development programs? Developing strong, compassionate and resilient leaders at all levels in the organisation is without doubt essential for business success and for the wellbeing of employees. There seems to be an ever-expanding number of leadership coaches/experts/trainers to choose from, who can provide an array of development tools and strategies. [...]

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The Path to Self Awareness

Self awareness is one of the four foundational competencies of Emotional Intelligence (the others being Self Management, Social Awareness, & Relationship Management). Self Awareness gives you the necessary navigational tools for achieving success and happiness in life and at work. AND it shines a light on your capacity to support and guide others. If you [...]

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Stop pretending and just be you

Very early in life we learn how to behave appropriately in social situations. We learn how to present ourselves in public, with friends, at work and in intimate relationships. From an evolutionary perspective this makes perfect sense as our survival depends on us belonging to, and being accepted by, our tribe. So we necessarily adapt [...]

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Letting Go Of the Stories That Keep You Stuck

Last weekend I attended a Carolyn Myss seminar which was laden with inspiration, wisdom, humour and a number of spiritual slaps aimed at awaking us to the nonsense we continue to tell ourselves. This lady certainly does not pull any punches when it comes to talking about spiritual growth. One statement that stood out for me [...]

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  I am a big believer in the JFDI Approach (Just F&% Do It) to overcoming procrastination and analysis by paralysis. As an over-analyzer with neurotic tendencies I can easily get stuck in the quagmire of indecision over the simplest of things. Sometimes just choosing which café to have a meeting in can throw me [...]

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Your Dreams Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear of Failure

I heard something earlier this year that gave me an A-HA moment and has changed the way I approach challenges. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Do you always start strong but never finish anything? Do you create grand plans to change your life but don’t get any further [...]

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Being in Your Feminine

  I was so lucky to spend a whole day at a Marianne Williamson seminar this week talking about Love and Relationships. There were so many lessons and A-Ha moments that made me reflect on my own love life....and I have a bit to reflect on believe me! One of the stand-out conversations for me [...]

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Stop Hiding and Let Your Light Shine

As an Australian woman I have learnt to play down my successes and be humble in my accomplishments. Heaven forbid people think that I am ‘full of myself’. People won’t like me if I ‘think I am better than them’. And I must remember not to make people feel bad by being better/smarter/faster/shining more brightly [...]

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