How To Keep Leading Even When You Are Falling Apart

  If the statistics are true then 1 in 5 people will experience mental illness, primarily depression or anxiety in their lifetime. Then if you add on having the need to deal with a personal crisis or life changing situations, chances are that despite being a competent, high performing leader, you too will experience times [...]

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Overcoming Anxiety with Loving Kindness

Anxiety creates insularity. A shutting down of the ability to fully consider others, or to have empathy or compassion for others, as it is all you can do to stop yourself from drowning in the emotion of your inner world. The cloud of worry, fears and vicious cycle of churning thoughts limits the sufferer’s ability [...]

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Declutter Your Mind & Life

A consistent and common problem experience by nearly all the women that I work with is that despite being competent, smart, capable women that are actively taking on life, they are feel stuck in overwhelm and are experiencing some level of anxiety. An anxiety that in many cases, has always been apart of their life [...]

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When You Have Lost Your Groove

If you were to believe in everything you read on social media you would think that everyone is either in love, travelling the world, finding their spiritual compass, having fun times with girlfriends (who all happen to be stunning) or ‘all of the above’. I hope to inspire people to feel great about their body [...]

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Who are you trying to impress?

I think I have spent way too much effort trying to impress....someone. I am not even sure who exactly. I just know there has been a subtle undercurrent of feeling I need to prove myself that makes me anxious to do better, be better all the time.

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Conscious enlightenment: Do you really want it?

So many of us seem to be chasing a deeper connection with ourselves and with something bigger than ourselves. The huge growth in yoga, meditation and other mind/body/spirit classes or books shows that searching for more is on the rise. One perspective on connecting with self and with spirit suggests it really is about taking the [...]

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Embracing your wonderful weaknesses

Last week I was encouraging you to look less critically at your body, to stop finding fault with its individual parts and embrace its beauty. Just like everything in the universe, we do have dark and light, yin and yang, strengths and weaknesses…lets just call them areas for development or ‘change points”. No one is perfect and [...]

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Groovy Goddess Radio Episode: Lets Talk About Food and Anxiety

Join me for my first Groovy Goddess Radio episode where I discuss the role of nutrition in managing anxiety. Anxiety is often a well kept secret for many busy professional women, entrepreneurs and mums. Keep everything looking shiny and wonderful on the outside, while you are barely keeping it together on the inside. Experiencing anxiety is not a [...]

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Authenticity: Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Authenticity…ugh, another one of those trendy words. But it has so much meaning that I find myself using it a lot lately. What does being authentic mean to you? Terms like ‘genuine’, ‘not fake’ or ‘having integrity’ are likely to come up. To me being authentic means having a real connection with your inner soul [...]

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