Best Seats in the House: One Hour Time Limit

I am sitting at a popular restaurant just outside of Ubud, Bali. Popular because it sits overlooking the river valley with views of lush tropical vegetation and with cool breezes flowing through the open plan layout. The fresh vegetarian fare attracts the health-inspired expat community. While I was also attracted by the food on offer and the view it was also the cheapest wine list in Ubud that brought me back several times during this trip.

The prime seats in the restaurant are positioned overlooking the view and have a sign situated on the wall next to them that states ‘Welcome to the best seats in the house’ and goes on to provide a 1 hour time limit to the seats or you have to pay 20 000 Rupiah ($2) fee per hour to remain seated there.

This got me thinking; do we subconsciously put a time limit on or a cap on our best experiences? Do we allow ourselves brief glimpses of great views before we feel we should pay to stay longer? (Wait- did I sound like a Carrie Bradshaw voiceover just then?)

You know that feeling you get when things / new guy / weight / exciting adventures/ work achievements are just zinging and life is great. You are great. Then that little voice whispers in your ear – “ This is going to shit any moment”. This magic can’t last. Can it?

When did we start to fear the fall after the high? At some point most of us have learnt that great joy is followed by a fall.

When life is going great, when I know I am manifesting magic I am so grateful and at the same time so impressed with my mindset mastery and achievements. But you see this is the kicker – that very self congratulation that I feel while in the midst of the high is Ego talking.

Ego can easily flip you from true self confidence into power tripping and feelings of superiority. When Ego is talking is also when the voice of scarcity becomes louder. The voice that says this wonderful experience is going to end.

When we start to believe our own hype and that we are solely responsible for creating magic it is also natural to start to wonder if we can sustain it. Ego starts to poke us to question whether we even deserve all this great stuff.

Letting go of Ego’s belief that you are in control of fantastic experiences also releases Ego’s belief that you are not deserving of these fantastic experiences .

I allow great experiences into my life just by being myself, being open and being aware. All
moments, good or bad, end as they flow on to a new experience. That is the natural flow of nature, it has nothing to do with whether I deserve them or not.

There is no time limit on the best seats in the house.
When you have the best experience savour it, know that it will end, but also know that there is another ‘best seat’ just around the corner.

Stay Groovy


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