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We have suppressed the Feminine in the

I was so lucky to spend a whole day at a Marianne Williamson seminar this week talking about Love and Relationships.

There were so many lessons and A-Ha moments that made me reflect on my own love life….and I have a bit to reflect on believe me!

One of the stand-out conversations for me was about the importance of balancing of Masculine and Feminine energies in a relationship. Just like day and night, Yin and Yang, low tide and high tide, the expression of the Feminine cannot exist without the presence of the Masculine, and vice versa. Both are equally important.

Marianne went on to say it is also not healthy to have two Feminine energies or two Masculine energies in a relationship (See note below: this has nothing to do with men and women per say).

The Masculine is the generator and the Feminine is the receiver. Just as ancient traditions think of Father Sky and Mother Earth – both are required for life to exist.

Work, careers, professional pursuits all cause women to naturally engage our Masculine energies. Nothing wrong with that necessarily. However, the challenge can be when women come home in the evening and are still operating in their Masculine energy and try to connect with their partner who is also in his Masculine energy.

“We have suppressed the Feminine in the name of Femininity.” 

Marianne Williamson

There is a surge of activity and inspiration occurring at the moment around the concept of the Goddess and bringing Feminine Archetypes back into how women express themselves in work and in play. A growing acknowledgement that being Feminine is a beautiful and strong and easy way to live.

I know from my experience of working in a very masculine organization for my whole corporate life that I was very much in my Masculine and any sense of letting that dissipate and letting my Feminine side be in charge was actually very scary.

Partly because in Western society there is an underlying notion that Feminine is weak, less competent or inferior to the Masculine.

However it is not as easy as just flicking a switch as we walk in the door to greet our beloved.

It takes about 30 minutes for our neurology to switch from a Masculine mode of being to a more Feminine energy and therefore it is really important for women to have time to themselves to enter into their Feminine aspects of being. (i.e. receptive, creative, nourishing, sensual, feeling, etc).

Some ways of doing this are: meditation, being in nature, yoga, a warm bath, lighting candles, or anything to connect back in with your body.

When you can allow your Feminine magnificence into your relationship you give permission for your guy to bring his Masculine nature to the fore, and to be valued for this.

It creates a win-win situation.

I would love to hear if this resonates with you and your experience of the Feminine in your life.

Is this something you struggle with?

Would you like to allow your Feminine to be expressed more fully?

Note: I have written this from a heterosexual perspective but this is similarly transferable to gay relationships – it is not sexuality or sexual identity that is the variable here, but rather the archetypal energy expressed by each partner. At any given point in time, there must be a feminine and masculine dance of the energies happening).

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