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Defining Moments

Chances are you have had more than one defining moment in your life. A moment or experience that changed your perspective on life and in doing so changed your trajectory. Defining moments can be incredibly positive experiences that are exciting and empowering. Though more often than not they can appear as challenges and tough choices [...]

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The Chaos of Indecision

Of course we all want to make the best decision, the right decision, the sensible decision. Decisions can potentially flow through to significant consequences not just for yourself but for your team or organisation or even your career opportunities. Yet I don't believe decisions are stressful. It is the rumination, circular thinking, lack of self [...]

By | 2016-06-08T10:53:15+00:00 June 8th, 2016|Confidence, Leadership, Mind, Resilience|Comments Off on The Chaos of Indecision

Do You Know if Your Leadership Development Programs are Working?

Are you evaluating your leadership development programs? Developing strong, compassionate and resilient leaders at all levels in the organisation is without doubt essential for business success and for the wellbeing of employees. There seems to be an ever-expanding number of leadership coaches/experts/trainers to choose from, who can provide an array of development tools and strategies. [...]

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Quitting is Always an Option

I recently read a sign that said “Quitting is Never an Option”. I disagree. Quitting is always an option. And sometimes it is a damn good option. Success and achievement requires commitment and most definitely requires a sense of determination to keep striving towards your goals despite setbacks and roadblocks. Resilience is undoubtedly required if [...]

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Discomfort During Times of Transformation

here is a physiological phenomenon that occurs when you start a detox program or hard core cleansing diet. Its called ‘die off’ and it results from all the toxic bacteria literally dying off and entering the blood stream before they are processed and eliminated by the body. Essentially the elimination systems and organs that help [...]

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Authenticity: Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Authenticity…ugh, another one of those trendy words. But it has so much meaning that I find myself using it a lot lately. What does being authentic mean to you? Terms like ‘genuine’, ‘not fake’ or ‘having integrity’ are likely to come up. To me being authentic means having a real connection with your inner soul [...]

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