Are you food shaming??

Have you ever caught yourself ‘food shaming’?? Judging another woman based on the food she is eating?

For many our constant focus on dieting, eating right, and losing weight means that we have a list of ‘good food’ and ‘bad food’. And by virtue of those labels we too are either bad or good depending on what we eat. If I can’t resist the cake then I have eaten food from the bad list and therefore I am bad. I must be punished and eat less at the next meal or do an extra hard workout that afternoon. 

If I eat good food then I am by association good and can congratulate myself and feel quite self – pleased. 

But food is neither good nor bad; it just is. 

Sure there are certain foods that are more nutritious and form part of a healthy balanced diet and there are foods that are devoid on any real nutritious value and thus are not best eaten at every meal or even every day. Despite being nutritionally deficient, these foods, such as cake, cookies, chips, etc still have some nourishing value. They can be comforting and pleasurable if eaten in moderation and with conscious choice. 

The labelling of food bad and our projection of this ‘badness’ onto ourselves when we consume them, is projected even further onto others that don’t adhere to our rules. 

Have you ever been on a strict diet – no carbs, or no sugar or whatever the latest fashionable diet is and have become so convinced of its value that you can’t understand how others are not living in accordance with your food rules. 

You silently judge Sally from the office for having New York Baked Cheesecake when you all go for coffee. How could she? Does she have no willpower? Does she not realise how many fat calories are in that little slice? 

Does a little bit of anger come up??

Deep down….you are envious. You are envious that Sally is blatantly enjoying herself while you are yet again going with out. Yet at the same time you feel a little superior for your willpower. Confusing isn’t it. 

Its time to let go of judgment of ourselves and of others around food choices. 

If you are feeling great being on your diet and achieving your health goals that is great. If you are making food choices based on fear and rules around what is bad and what is good, life becomes just a little less pleasurable. 

There can be a balanced approach that is based on being in charge of food choices rather than trying to control food choices. 

Join me for a workshop that will provide strategies for achieving a nourishing approach to weight loss and body confidence. 

Watch my short video on food shaming here.

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