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Kim works with organisations and individuals to improve performance and workplace culture through strengthening leadership mindset at all levels, awakening your ability to communicate confidently and assisting you measure and manage change within your organisation.

Kim has worked with law enforcement agencies at a National and State level, managing and delivering research, policy and program evaluation services. In doing so she has developed the skills to negotiate and influence at all levels to achieve practical, evidence-based outcomes in high risk, complex environments.

She is passionate about helping emerging leaders in high-impact roles find their voice and lead with influence and authenticity so they achieve personal success and create change that matters.

She is also passionate about shaking up police leadership development and how organisational change is managed in law enforcement and emergency service agencies.

Her approach blends organisational psychology, the latest in leadership development practice and theory with communication neuroscience with a dash of mindfulness.

She also blends a very task-oriented, solutions-focused personality with a light-hearted, off-beat humourous approach to herself and life.

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