Letting Go Of the Stories That Keep You Stuck

Itsnot all about you

Last weekend I attended a Carolyn Myss seminar which was laden with inspiration, wisdom, humour and a number of spiritual slaps aimed at awaking us to the nonsense we continue to tell ourselves. This lady certainly does not pull any punches when it comes to talking about spiritual growth.

One statement that stood out for me was LIVE WITH A BACKBONE.

Stop living life with a wishbone, whining about and analyzing all your stories that you believe are the cause of your challenges/problems/failures. STOP reciting the same old ‘poor me’ story of how hard done by you are. STOP blaming your current situation on people or circumstances from your past.

Yes it is very important for you to share your story once or twice so that you have your pain witnessed and acknowledged but then STOP.

STOP the ruminating and reliving the story as this is simply feeding your obsession with you. I am sorry to tell you that it is not all about you! And when you can let go of believing that it is all about you then you can truly step into your power and raise your vibration from low level fear-based living to higher level spirit-based living.

When you realise it is not all about you there is great freedom in simultaneously realising that no-one actually cares what you are doing so stop worrying what they will think. Yes, make sure you act with integrity and with no intent to hurt another but do what you feel is right for you. STOP worrying about what others think of you. Because seriously they don’t care!!



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