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I am a big believer in the JFDI Approach (Just F&% Do It) to overcoming procrastination and analysis by paralysis. As an over-analyzer with neurotic tendencies I can easily get stuck in the quagmire of indecision over the simplest of things.
Sometimes just choosing which café to have a meeting in can throw me into a spin of considering all factors (e.g. what time, what is parking like, what is easiest for everyone to get to, what if it doesn’t have food I like, would somewhere else be better?).

When it comes to these types of decisions the only way to stop wasting your precision energy is to make a decision – JFDI.

The same goes for achieving your weight loss or fitness goals. Don’t spend time laying in bed thinking about alternatives to getting up at an ungodly hour and going for your 5 km run. You know the game you play with yourself – “I could squeeze it in at lunch time’, ‘This evening would be much better”, ‘I will make it up tomorrow”.

Stop debating and negotiating with yourself. JFDI.

Even really big decisions don’t always require long analysis; you know when you just have to do something. Maybe it is that overseas trip that you have always wanted to do and a great deal comes up. JFDI.

Or an amazing opportunity for a career change falls in your lap and you have been disgruntled and unhappy at work for years. JFDI.

Compare those clear in-your-face opportunities that are what you have been praying for, with other situations that require a choice and the answer is not so clear. Those situations that make you hesitate, conscious of the implications that could follow.

Those situations are usually ones where your head (your logical left brain) is telling you this is the right thing to do. If you were to make a list of pros and cons it would tell you it is the right thing to do. Yet, your gut is not feeling it. A voice in the back of your head says ‘I’m not so sure’, ‘This doesn’t feel right’.

This is your intuition and we are taught early on to ignore it in deference to our logic, rational mind.

When in doubt, don’t.

If there is a weight on your shoulders, then don’t.

If there is a sense of urgency just to get the decision out of the way, then don’t.

If you sit and imagine the outcome if you follow your logic mind and it makes you feel heavy and flat, then don’t.

It doesn’t mean you won’t end up making the decision that your logic mind says is the right thing to do. It means you need to be a little cautious. Gather more information, do your research, examine what is really causing the fear. Is the fear valid or is the fear simply the normal reaction to making a change.

When in doubt, don’t.

 Take time to sit in silence and listen to the wisdom of your inner self. Take time to feel what it would be like if you didn’t make the decision your logic mind is telling you.

I recently commenced developing a large project and had a number of experts agreeing to participate when I realised that I really didn’t ‘feel’ it…there was no real excitement for me in doing the project. I was doing it because I ‘should’ do it. So I stopped making arrangements and just sat on it for a few days.

After much soul searching I arrived at the decision to stop the project – what a weight off my shoulders. I felt immediately lighter. Still uncomfortable about letting the experts know that I had changed my mind and worried they would think I was unprofessional. Even that concern weighed on me less than feeling I was about to embark on something I really didn’t want to do.

Trust your intuition. Trust your gut. Learn enough about yourself to know when you are avoiding taking action out of procrastination versus avoiding action because you truly don’t feel it is right.

You can listen to my short video on this topic here…How to know when to JFDI or to wait 

What works for you? Share you comments or if you prefer send me an email and let me know if this was helpful. kim@happyhealthygroovy.com.au

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