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Maximising Strategic & Operational Potential

Business Process & Program Evaluation

Providing a pragmatic approach to program, policy and business evaluation developed through real-world experience.

Strategic & Operational Change Facilitation

Supporting strategic change initiative through providing an independent conduit of information and helping your people get on board your vision.

Management Development

Working with emerging leaders, new managers and established leaders to improve performance and workplace culture through developing a self leadership mindset and igniting your ability to communicate confidently and with influence


Private or group coaching to awaken leadership potential


Kim works with organisations to inform strategic and operational decisions that improve performance and achieve outcomes that matter.

She has expertise and experience is working with law enforcement and public safety organisations.

Through undertaking independent research, assessment and evaluation of policies, programs, strategy and operations she can assist agencies to determine what works, what doesn’t and how to do business more effectively and efficiently.

She also works with emerging leaders to build their communication confidence and ability to influence with power to achieve personal and organisational success.


Kim Adams is an experience organisational performance improvement and program evaluation professional with a distinctive ability to manage change, build trust, negotiate partnerships, and communicate sensitively with diverse groups at all levels.

Kim has over 15 years experience managing and delivering research, policy and program evaluation services for law enforcement agencies at state and national levels.

She has proven skills to negotiate and influence at all levels to achieve practical, evidence based outcomes in high-risk, complex environments.

Kim brings a pragmatic approach to organisational performance improvement and change management in policing which has been developed through real-world experience.

She doesn’t believe in a one-size fits all approach and will work with you to underwent your needs and develop a solution that fits.


  • Business Process and Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Change Facilitation
  • Management Development

B.Sc (Psychology) (Hons)

Master Public Management


To be a facilitator of change that matters

To assist police organisations achieve goals through strategic and operational decisions based on evidence and made with heart.

To help police officers to thrive in at work through creating workplace structures, policies and procedures that support them to do their job effectively and efficiently and with less stress.

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